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Re: IPNetRouter Catharsis (was Re: Microsoft NT setup)

Author:Joseph Cerro
Posted:8/26/1999; 3:28:43 PM
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General agreement:

1) The various BSD flavors have long had very robust support of masquerading, etc. -- I know of more than a few folks who rely on NetBSD in a production environment for the rock solid networking/server support.

2) A nice thing about IPNetRouter is that it is VERY actively developed -- there have been 21 revisions since Jan 1. It has improved a lot in the last year.

3) I have also done a few production linux router/gateway setups -- that is why I was doing it again. However, my story is not so uncommon -- I think that many of us who are linux advocates (and I am one: I expect to buy at least $50k of linux servers this year) tend to softpedal the installation and configuration difficulties that we run into. I have had installs that were smooth as silk, and I have had installs that still hurt to think about...

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