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Re: Compaq & airborne express

Author:David Valentine
Posted:8/26/1999; 6:10:11 PM
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The last time I checked, Compaq uses Airborne Express. In our area, Airborne Express service is really lousy.

I missed them one day (after waiting until 1 to get lunch). They were supposed to come the next day, and never showed. I called and said "where is my overnight package, I want saturday delivery." Ok, we will have it there by 11am. At 1:30 the Airborne Guy shows up.

A friend who bouhgt a compaq laptop, had to send it back for repair. Pickup was late. Came back, same missing the delivery problem. It needed to go back, he asked if he could send it FedEx. No we have a contract with Airborne. Well, it got sent back. Got lost.

But these problems seem to run in streaks. At the time the friend had the compaq problem, a generic computer show had a problem, and so was an HP.

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