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Re: GIFs get expensive

Author:Jonathan Hendry
Posted:8/26/1999; 6:25:15 PM
Topic:GIFs get expensive
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"... even if the developer or service provider has a license, but it doesn’t cover your use of the particular application you received, you should have a license from Unisys to use the LZW patent."

It sounds like this clause is about using illegal copies of software to create the GIFs.

In other words, Adobe may be licensed, but if I'm using Photoshop without a valid license, then I'm not licensed for GIF either.

This makes sense, especially if a vendor pays a per-seat royalty to Unisys. If I'm using a pirate copy of Photoshop, then Adobe doesn't know I'm using it, so Unisys doesn't get paid for the copy I'm using.

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