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[ANN] autoWebEdit 1.0b1 for Frontier

Author:Eric Folley
Posted:8/27/1999; 6:16:15 PM
Topic:[ANN] autoWebEdit 1.0b1 for Frontier
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Announcing autoWebEdit 1.0b1, a suite to automate the use of webEdit for webpages in Frontier.

It is available at:

From the readme:

There is a problem with WebEdit -- you have to remember to use it. If you are like me, you don't always remember to check stuff out and check it back in, but instead just open and close your local copies, leaving the server copies unchanged. This suite is designed to make using WebEdit easier: when you open a webpage, this suite automatically checks it out for you; close the page, it's automatically checked in. Hence, autoWebEdit.

autoWebEdit install two scripts in user.callbacks -- one in openWindow, one in closeWindow. As you open and close webpages in user-defined website tables, autoWebEdit automatically checks the pages in and out for you. This is done via the AutoWebEdit agent, installed in system.agents, which monitors data in the user.autoWebEdit table, telling it which pages to check in and out.

Direct all questions and comments to me at:


PS: Use the email address below. I can't figure out yet how to change my prefs!

Eric Folley
Alexandria, VA, USA

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