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Re: Other innovative uses for RSS

Author:Michael Zajac
Posted:8/27/1999; 10:08:35 PM
Topic:Your vision for RSS?
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3) calender server (or calender service website) / rss gateway You see a little calendar inside a channel with icons represting your own personal calender of events. Underneath has say the top 5 things you must do today.

A main focus of our website is a list of upcoming performances and gallery openings. I would like rss to include one or more event dates, in addition to the post date of a story. I'd like my personal calendar to subscribe to our site's events channel, so I know what's coming up, and can click on it for up-to-date info.

To extend this, I think I will want to flag particular items, so only the events I'm interested in attending will show up in my calendar.

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