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Other innovative uses for RSS

Author:Andrew Wooldridge
Posted:8/27/1999; 9:30:55 AM
Topic:Your vision for RSS?
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Other innovative uses:

1) Personal "aggrigator channel" - aggregates results of various search engines that you have previously selected via some interface. So in essence, you "check" your search query every day to see if the top 10 or so have changed. Sort of an "auto-generated" RSS channel.

For instance I want to know what's happening in anime today. I go to my personal channel config, choose "excite, lycos, yahoo, and dmoz" for my search targets. I choose "anime, manga" as my search. Then every day I read and see in one of my boxes, the results of the search for "anime, manga" - the search happens at some set interval I choose. I could then have many kinds of searches - each with it's own channel, and I might share search/channels with others!

2) pop/channel gateway - a server queries your pop acct and gives you a "report" in an rss channel format: Meaning something like this:

My Email Channel You have 50 unread messages You have 30 read messages You have a total of 100MB to download

3) calender server (or calender service website) / rss gateway You see a little calendar inside a channel with icons represting your own personal calender of events. Underneath has say the top 5 things you must do today.

4) im / rss gateway - server checks to see who is on your buddy list and displays a channel showing the top 10 folks you know who are online. Clicking the link may try to launch ICQ or something.

5) auto website stats / rss channel gateway - cgi reads your server logs and generates a report for you accessible via this channel.

top 10 hosts top 10 domains etc.

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