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Re: open source == $0.00?

Author:Steve Bogart
Posted:8/28/1999; 7:00:24 AM
Topic:GIFs get expensive
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the Open Source Definition explicitly prohibits licensing fees.

Aha, the penny drops. That's the piece of info I was missing. And you're right, it's point # 1 right there at I guess that proves the folly of relying on the statements of advocates instead of going to the source.

The mantra 'free as in speech, not as in beer' is quite misleading, then. Free as in speech and beer would be more honest.

For now at least, ideological purity according to Slashdot is not for me.

Releasing Formjack as shareware with included source and rights to modify is as far as I'm willing to go. For now.


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