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Dell Success (was Re: Beware The reach of DaveNet)

Author:Jason Levine
Posted:8/30/1999; 11:53:54 AM
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Dave et al:

I got the machine about 15 minutes before I left for the train station to catch a Metroliner down to D.C. -- FedEx claimed that the flood a few days prior was still hampering their ability to get priority delivery packages to destinations in NYC.

The machine turned on, asked me my name and my area code, and then rebooted to a fully-functioning Windows 98 Second Edition installation. (Shocking, since W98SE was released 4 weeks ago; IBM isn't even supporting W98SE on their laptops, much less installing it themselves.) I had the foresight to write a CD with all of the latest and greatest drivers from the Dell website, but I was *shocked* to find out that the only drivers that weren't already at their latest versions were those for the UltraBay and the built-in WinModem; the WinModem drivers were actually the latest Dell version, but Lucent (who makes the WinModem chipset) has released an even newer version, which was the one I installed.

The Metroliner trains have power outlets at every seat (regular 120V, not the crazy adapters you have to use in airplanes), so I was able to set up the machine on my way down; when I got to D.C., everything was set up (MS Office 2000, all of the little apps that I use, etc.) except for the stuff that needed an Internet connection. Oh, and I had enough time on the train to watch _Rushmore_ on DVD on the new machine -- the 15.1" screen is just amazing.

The machine is awesome. I am the happiest customer in the world right now, probably because I'm sitting in front of a beautiful new laptop with a beautiful huge screen and a fast processor and a lot of memory, for under $3000.

I agree with you, Dave, that being up or down counts for a lot, which is why I give maximum kudos to Dell for this -- when FedEx screwed up royally and Dell could have taken the tack that they had to wait for FedEx to rectify their mistake, Dell instead had a new machine built for me in under 24 hours and in my hands under 24 hours later. My original desire, when ordering this computer, was to be able to use it on this trip to D.C., and because of Dell, I was not disappointed.


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