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Author:Ian Davis
Posted:8/31/1999; 5:43:55 PM
Topic:130 RSS newsfeeds from
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Calm down please.

If you remember way back when my.userland started you added internet alchemy to it without my permission. Did i complain? No, I just got on with it.

If you're unhappy with the discussion group scraping I'll stop it. I know you've been aware of it for a long time - it was even one of those 'synthetic' channels you added to my.userland way back. If you show me how to do it through XML-RPC I'll use that.

If you're interested the RSS files produced at Internet Alchemy for the DG were accessed 1000 times last month. That's mostly through Carmen's headline viewer, but also by some of the other sites I mentioned in my original post. That's 2.5Mb of my bandwidth which I offer freely as a service.

I don't think that I've ever told you what you think. In my original posting I told you what I thought you gained from syndication in my opinion. That's all it was though - my opinion.

Please can we avoid the flames and not spoil this valuable discussion. You did great things with the Infoworld issue, lets do it again with headline syndication.


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