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Author:Dave Winer
Posted:8/31/1999; 7:47:20 PM
Topic:130 RSS newsfeeds from
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Yes, we can have a valuable discussion, as long as you don't respond invasively. Telling anyone to "calm down" is not cool on this DG. Thanks for listening.

Anyway, my request to see your notification email was not an idle request. I am very interested, as a professional, to see what you say! Also, you made a claim about 100 percent of the people not having a problem with it. I am just curious why I didn't get a chance to agree or disagree as the other sites did?

Also my question about whether you want to make headlines is a serious question. I asked out of consideration for you Ian, I don't want to expose the question if you're not ready to deal with the controversy it may raise.

On the other hand, sometimes when I write something in DN, the rest of the world doesn't get it. Or maybe they do and I'm the one playing out in left field. Who knows. But in three recent things, the missing MS IM spec, InfoWorld's deep linking policy, and antique software, I *was* able to raise attention to the issues, and I think to the benefit of all the people involved. It might be too early for this issue to be raised elsewhere. You and MoreOver might not want it. However, if you were real hell-raisers, you'd know that publicity might launch your balloon quite high. It could be good for you.

As they say, intonation isn't there in online communication. I know, as a student of human beings, that sometimes when someone says "calm down" to someone else they are really asking for calmness within themself.

So, when and if you're ready, I'd like to explore this further with you.

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