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Re: the probelm is NOT with hotmail!

Author:Colin Meginnis
Posted:9/1/1999; 10:45:41 AM
Topic:Tim Bray on the HotMail Hole
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The designers of passport, NOT hotmail, were trying to build a scheme to login once and be able to access different parts of msn such as hotmail, communities and moneycentral.

My apoligies for the misnomer. I wasn't trying to put down HoTMaiL, or even Passport, or trying to give a technical explanation...

I just had this mental image of the "design" team and the "sales" team fighting it out, the "sales" folk, and the "boss" winning, the "design" team getting very ticked, and spending all of 3 minutes on the design, testing it once, and then going out for lunch.

It was very funny to me at the time.

it's an interesting but obviously immature concept.

An interesting, but obviously immature concept. Interesting words.

Sounds like a lot of things today. Lots of MS' products and services. The Internet. Our Government.

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