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How far we've come

Author:Eric Soroos
Posted:9/3/1999; 12:40:57 PM
Topic:How far we've come
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Consider a vertical weblog:

Message 1: 10-98$1 Dave Makes Funky Music. I was listening to this album last night while working on discussion groups.

Message 1000: 10-30-98$1000 Dave writes about new channels and ICE.

Message 2000: 1-11-99$2000 Jock Murphy Writes about memory models in a discussion of John Carmacks comments on the mac. That second thousand messages took a while.

Message 3000: 2-18-99$3000 David Carter Todd discusses what POS means.

Message 4000: 3-11-99$4000 Dave Talks about Bucks Woodside.

Message 5000: 4-13-99$5000 Sam Devore, on a technical limit long passed.

Message 6000: 5-11-99$6000 Fredrik Lundh writes a tutorial on redirects with apache.

Message 7000: ??-99$7000 Deleted.

Message 8000: 6-30-99$8000 Deleted by the Author. We're moving faster, only 1.5 months for 2000 postings now, vs 1k/month earlier

Message 9000: 8-2-99$9000 Paul-Michael Agapow on lowering the learning curve for frontier. Back to 1k messages a month.

Msg10k: 8-26-99$10000 David Carter-Tod (again) with his wishes.


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