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Request for feedback.

Author:Keola Donaghy
Posted:9/3/1999; 5:44:17 PM
Topic:Request for feedback.
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Aloha kakou. I'd like to get some feedback from interface gurus in the group for the new look of our website Kualono. Here is the english homepage:

Pages are now stored as outlines, and I have an outliner that renders either a single language version of the page, or a dual language page, each version of the page is also available in three different encondines - 8 bit using our custom Hawaiian fonts, UTF-8, and as 7-bit text with diacriticals stripped out. Filtering is handled in finalFilter, both filtering and the method of ourline rendering are determined by the template name. A total of 7 pages are rendered from each outline; site heirarchy is idential for all pages, except the name of the first directory at the root level.

This may seem like overkill, but we've found there are significant pools of people using just English, just Hawaiian in one encoding or another, but also students who are learning the langauge that would benefit from having both languages side by side on the same page.

Feedback appreciated, I've never seen anything like this so not to sure how it will be received. The bar to toggle the language is at the top of the page, the help button leads to a page that describes this system.

Feel free to email me privately.



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