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Re: Why rebol matters -- NOT!

Author:Dennis Peterson
Posted:9/5/1999; 12:07:04 PM
Topic:Why rebol matters -- NOT!
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Hmm...not sure it's that obvious. PHP is interpreted but it's still fast enough for a scalable website. Concurrent Clean is a pure functional language which is very complex to compile, but they pulled it off and the resulting code is almost as fast as C (though the compiler takes a while, I think, which I guess is your point). But I'm willing to consider the possibility that a language like Rebol could be reasonably fast on a server. I do contend that a networking language which is not scalable is not very useful. It's fine for prototyping, but I think the Rebol people have more in mind. I downloaded it a while back and am looking forward to playing with it when I get a chance, but if I can't use it for a working website that won't fold under traffic, it's not worth much to me....except maybe for writing some quick customized client applications, that might be cool...oops, now you got me thinking...that might actually be a good niche for them, a nifty little scripting language that a power user can download and automate various networking tasks. Okay, maybe they're useful after all.

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