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Re: Can I script Outlook Express or Eudora?

Author:Howard Hansen
Posted:9/6/1999; 11:44:31 AM
Topic:Can I script Outlook Express or Eudora?
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Eudora Pro 4.x for Windows is definitely scriptable. About six months ago I wrote a little VB app that dumped all the messages in a given folder out in a formatted HTML file. In a moment of whimsy, I called it "EuSuck".

They implement a pretty nice object model where the app object has a folders collection and each folder contains either a messages collection or another folder collection.

If you're interested, I could spend a little time and modify it to walk through all of the folders and dump out XML.


  • Would you prefer a little VB app or as web script?
  • What kind of DTD would you like to follow?
  • Which of the multitudinous properties of the message object wuld you like to store?

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