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Re: IMAP, but POPs got problems too

Author:Micah Alpern
Posted:9/6/1999; 8:30:38 PM
Topic:Can I script Outlook Express or Eudora?
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I've tried using IMAP, but found the network lag unacceptable and switched back to POP.

As for multiple machines. I used 3 of them, I just set POP to leave the mail on the server for x days and eventually all three machines have all my mail.

I use this method as well. The only problem with this system is that out going mail can get out of sync unless you remember to cc: yourself on every message you write.

(Furthermore, even if you do copy yourself on all out going mail this does not solve the problem, when composing a reply, of making sure responses remain in the same folder as the original message.)

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