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Re: Summary of recent XML-RPC developments

Author:Bryant Durrell
Posted:9/7/1999; 12:33:45 PM
Topic:Summary of recent XML-RPC developments
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Dave says:

Second, I have a recent experience, the acqusition of Alexa by Amazon, where there probably was a complete reversal on a promise made by Netscape and Alexa. It's hard to check this out because Netscape was acquired too.

Which promise? Note that Alexa has no control over the question of whether or not the Netscape browser 'What's Related' feature sends all your Websurfing to the Netscape servers; that's purely in Netscape's hands. The privacy statement on Alexa's Web site hasn't changed that I can see. So as per your recent request to the gentleman who made stuff up about what you should think regarding story scraping, I'm asking. :) If, of course, it's something you can disclose -- I know some things are confidential.

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