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Re: Summary of recent XML-RPC developments

Author:Fredrik Lundh
Posted:9/8/1999; 2:23:49 AM
Topic:Summary of recent XML-RPC developments
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I'm not sure XML is the right way to do what sounds like a CORBA thing

You know, writing the first version of Python's xmlrpclib took me about 20 minutes. Thanks to the straightforward design, it was possible to come up with a Python interface that allows you to issue an arbitrary XML-RPC request from any existing Python application to any XML-RPC server, with three lines of Python. No more, no less.

As a result, dozens of people immediately picked up the ball and started using it for really cool stuff. Six months later, thousands of Python programmers have downloaded the library, and several major Python applications now provide XML-RPC services.

In contrast, there's still no freely available CORBA implementation for Python. The ones that do exist require you to learn yet another language to write complicated specifications in, run code generators on those specifications, adapt your programming style to the CORBA framework, etc. From a scripting perspective, CORBA is stone-age technology.

I'm not surprised that nobody's using it...

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