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Re: How a Windows Developer Thinks...

Author:Ken Kennedy
Posted:9/8/1999; 8:11:57 AM
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*grin* Interesting, Dave! It's always fun to compare and contrast.

In your 11/4/98: How a Windows Developer Thinks essay, you write...

"..If Linux wants this market, then it must do a better job of working out of the box. And if Windows wants to stay strong, it also must do a better job of working out of the box."

Fast forward to August '99. New DaveNet. Specifically, 9/26/99: Compaq DOA, Microsoft NT setup cruel and unusual punishment. You write...

"My second larger complaint is with Microsoft. I finally figured out that they don't produce an operating system that a mortal human being can set up. I have some advice for Microsoft. Every executive should buy a machine for themselves, from one of the clone vendors, and struggle thru the process their customers have to go thru. They're horribly vulnerable. Compared to this process, setting up Linux was a breeze. If they really want to be humbled, go buy a Mac. Turn the mother on, click on a few control panels, and you're on the net. "

One of the noteworthy things during the past year has been the usability/installation improvements in the Linux distributions. Things are only getting better there, it seems like. Sounds like Linux is doing the right things...and Windows is stuck where it was. Anyone know much about the installation/setup of W2K??

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