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What am I missing? Disconnected XMLRPC

Author:Bill Engels
Posted:9/8/1999; 8:00:02 AM
Topic:What am I missing? Disconnected XMLRPC
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I've been following the XML-RPC events here at the site, and I'm impressed and excited. I think this is something that can really help all users.

However, I have a question - What am I missing? Everything I read about with XMLRPC works in a situation, inosfar and I understand - as a connected environment. How do we create this value disconnected? This is what I'm missing? Does this leave us with both bloated and thin apps - under the same moniker? What have we gained, then.

Does anybody have any links or reading I can do to figure this out?

Or am I assuming that Personal Web Server from Microsoft is going to deliver the masses from this question?

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