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Re: The Evangelist is In

Author:Andrew Wooldridge
Posted:9/8/1999; 9:24:45 AM
Topic:The Evangelist is In
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Just to throw my 2cents in (as usual) I think the gecko/mozilla engine is also in sync with this idea. You can build very lightweight apps using just some xml (via XUL) and html/javascript. It is (will be) very possible to build either a word processor, spread sheet, or whatever new applications you can think up very quickly with no "compiling". You just need a text editor and some knowledge.

There are already companies starting to do this - see: and (found on

in this screenshot you see the "gecko" engine is sort of the "desktop" and there are "apps" running inside it like a chat program, an ftp program, a news reader, etc. All of which could be built via XUL.

And this isnt just about web apps, you might have two gecko based apps running on your desktop by itself, say an image editor and a word processor, and they could both be accessing the same "dom" and changes in one app could show up in the other immediately. This is not pie in the sky stuff, it's something I think will be a reality.

How does this fit into the article Dave posted? Because for one thing it may be an easy way to "bring http into desktop apps" as Dave suggested. I'm just posting this as food for thought, perhaps someone else will build on it and away we go!

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