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Re: SOLUTION--Access Links to Outlook/Exchange

Author:Ken Kennedy
Posted:9/8/1999; 10:24:38 AM
Topic:Can I script Outlook Express or Eudora?
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OK...Microsoft actually created a tool/add-in Wizard for Access 97 for this, (and apparently one is included with Access 2K). Available at Wzmapi80.exe: Import and Link Exchange/Outlook Wizards. It's kinda big; a little over a meg. Creates two add-ins, a Link Table Wizard, and an Import Wizard.

I used 'em both, and they both work, and the accessable fields include Date Received. The Link is probably the one to use, because you CAN delete mail messages with it, directly out of Outlook/Exchange. I did it, twice, to check. You can't edit a record, but that's no big deal. Just copy the ones you want into Access, and delete 'em from Outlook. You could write Access VBA code to run through and do the archive process we were talking about. You could keep it in Access, or export (write out) text files (XML). If people are interested, I could work on it, or answer questions...

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