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Re: What am I missing? Disconnected XMLRPC

Author:Bill Engels
Posted:9/8/1999; 12:11:25 PM
Topic:What am I missing? Disconnected XMLRPC
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Thanks, Dave for your reply. I read through all the other responses, too. Thanks! I have more reading and digesting to do.

I'm trying to approach this from an end users experience. A few companies I know are going to only web based apps - it's this case where I feel print to web and print to printer can get blurred. Yes, the web's all cool, but I know far to many people that still print out the web page and bring it home, type a reply in Word, copy that into Notes or Outlook and send a reply. This is not where we want to go.

Where I want it to go is the following - I have an application, web based. This application tracks widgets. If my job was to review and approve widget production, I'd love to be able to somehow "get" these widgets on my machine, so I can disconnect my laptop and spend 2 hours on the plane approving widgets, get to a phone in the hotel and whammo, there it all is, updated for the world to see.

Anyway, thanks for the help so far. I like this - we think here!

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