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Re: 9 AM and all's well on 9-9-99

Author:Jonathan Hendry
Posted:9/9/1999; 5:28:28 AM
Topic:9 AM and all's well on 9-9-99
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Why would these programs be *breaking* on 9/9/99?

Presumably, they would have broken when, or soon after, the date 9/9/99 was used in regular operations. Thus there would have been stories of failures for the last several weeks or months.

After all, the data being processed isn't changing today. If there are any 9/9/99 values in there, they've been in there for a while.

The only reason for software to break *today* would be if it was calling a date function to get the current date and for whatever reason deciding that a current date of 9/9/99 was invalid. That doesn't hardly seem likely.

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