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Author:Steve Ivy
Posted:9/9/1999; 7:05:29 AM
Topic:rss channels via email
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When I download their huge file and operate a compatible server, how do I get updates from them?

I don't think I understand: does dmoz publish their entire directory as a single file? I would expect a hierarchical set of files, at least. (Ok, I looked it up- for those that don't know, they're using RDF for a category list and then for lists of the links within each category.) So you're right Dave- you've got to do a lot of parsing to get the info. I also see that they don't include anyt datemod info in their listings, so you'd have to a bunch of diff'ing in addition to parsing the RDF. Not practical.

I definitely see XML-RPC as the way to go, and it should go both ways- you update dmoz with your data, and request updated channels. Sure- it's some work for dmoz, but a definite win-win, and they'd be setting an example for the major SE's/Directories.


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