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Author:A.M. Kuchling
Posted:9/9/1999; 9:17:17 AM
Topic:rss channels via email
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Note that those data dumps are *not* well-formed XML; there are various glitches in the data. I hacked together a Python script that churns through the 300Mb of data and outputs a corrected version that xmlwf reports as being well-formed XML; look for at

It would be nice if the data was available in smaller chunks. I'm working on a ODP viewer for Zope, and have a shell-like tool for editing the data; a slide about it is at . This tool would let you read in the full database, delete chunks, eventually add new material, and then output RDF for your modified version. Slapping an XML-RPC interface on top of it should be relatively easy; I hadn't thought of that.

All of this stuff is still unfinished and unreleased.

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