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Re: The Evangelist is In

Author:John W. Williams II
Posted:9/9/1999; 1:25:32 PM
Topic:The Evangelist is In
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That's a pretty quick and unresponsive answer for you, Dave.

I hope we don't divide up into people who want their apps on servers and people who don't. As I said in my original post, I think there is a lot of potential on the server. That is a given. But, now having risen to the level of someone who can run their own server, I'd like to think that I could find a way to help bring the power of the server to other people without forcing them to be clients (paying one way or another) of the people who control the servers.

I forsee a market, where there are relatively easy to maintain home servers (running Linux?) which can serve several PCs in a home (via wireless?) Perhaps you can get online help to configure things if you have trouble with that. This is pretty much the kind of setup I am running at my home. I even provide an extra email account for my mom (who has her own ISP.)

Somehow, it seems much more empowering to keep control of the server in my own domain rather than to give it up to some big internet vendor.

(Granted, we'll always be tied together via the net, but I want to be an island in the net, not a raft being towed by someone elses boat)

(one more thought - wouldn't it be neat if neighborhoods banded together and bought their own high speed bandwidth, rather than being sold to piecemeal by the telcos / cablecos / isps? - there has to be a lot of wasted bandwidth in the current system.)

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