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Re: Design Challenge: Feature Request Page

Author:Jeremy Bowers
Posted:9/9/1999; 12:19:49 PM
Topic:Design Challenge: Feature Request Page
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Feature requesting strikes me as awfully similar to bug reporting, too. Have you examined for ideas?

The interface isn't pretty, and that may actually handle more information then you will collect (or not...), but the basic interface is there. A few things you don't need... although, marking feature requests with result codes might be cool... collecting the list of "Added in later version" features would be cool. (And a wonderful selling point for the company :-) )

(Fun typo note: The first sentance of this post originally read as "Feature requesting strikes me as awfully similar to bug requesting." Although, IIRC, Mozilla had a bug request page when they were trying to match, bug for bug, the behavior of previous browsers, so maybe bug requesting isn't so far-fetched...)

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