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XML format for events

Author:Ben Griffiths
Posted:9/10/1999; 3:41:58 AM
Topic:XML format for events
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Does anyone know of a standard XML DTD for time and location based events? I'm writing a system that will publish on the web a list of events happening on a certain day at a certain time in a certain venue, etc. Hopefully the end to this system will be syndicating this content, but I'd like to do that in a standardised form -

So far, I've come up with the following example :

    09/09/99 11.00.00pm GMT
    09/09/99 11.30.00pm GMT
    Ben's Bar
    An evening of relaxing music
    Chill Out

If Venue allowed for web links, TV channels, etc. Then, the rolling out of this standard would be an enormously powerful and far-reaching use of syndication. I could call up my home page which would be able, with a few XML-RPC calls to tell me what was on offer for my evening on TV, on the web, in my town, etc.

Furthermore, such a system would be perfect for implementing Intranet calendar and diary systems for businesses or timetabling for schools.

I don't want to reinvent the wheel, but if nothing sensible exists out there, I'd like some help to develop this standard in a robust and sensible way - if we could include the elements of categorisation suggested in recent messages, this would be better still.


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