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Mutual Mountain Range

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:9/10/1999; 7:43:39 AM
Topic:rss channels via email
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Thanks for joining the discussion Paul. These things are so tricky, it's a question of building the right kind of ballpark so the game people come there to play is interesting. I think RSS may be the right place, because there's a sense of permanence to it but it's also flexible, you can tweak up your RSS file.

As the idea that Jon and I discussed develops, I'm also thinking of weighting the channels, the ones that are more frequently updated "should" in some sense have more to say about the categorization than ones whose sole purpose may be to add structure to the category tree.

Zope Story Shell Day

BTW, Eric says that today's the day the rest of the world will see our "Zope Story Shell" -- a complete Zope website that's hooked into the My.UserLand.Com story flow, in real-time. Then we reach the top of one of the peaks of our mutual mountain range. Hope the Zope world takes notice and helps us move this forward.

Minor rant/tantrum

This is a modified version of Jon's hybrid approach.

Jon and I had a discussion, but I brought the idea to Jon, not vice versa.

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