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Re: Catagories + Type of Content ?

Author:Paul Everitt
Posted:9/10/1999; 7:32:53 AM
Topic:rss channels via email
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I'd like to talk briefly about what we are doing at the new site.

Members get folders where they can add object-based kinds of content. For instance, you can create Links (pointers to interesting things on the web), News Items, Formatted Documents, Software Products, etc. Each "kind of thing" has its own form and own metadata.

There is a common set of metadata for all site content. One piece of metadata is what you've described -- what "kind of thing it is".

We have made a proposal for another piece of metadata, being which topics something belongs to. This is a modified version of Jon's hybrid approach. Namely, there is a facility for people to be given their own namespaces.

More importantly, a Topic is a site object just like everything else. In Zope this means that a Topic can have things created in it, such as images, multiple "pages" that represent it, properties, security settings, etc.

Our intention is to add RSS "methods" to Topics, thus making any Topic a possible channel.

I'll make a different post on our spin for top-down vs. bottom-up classification schemes.

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