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Re: The Evangelist is In

Author:Scott Burton
Posted:9/10/1999; 9:53:07 AM
Topic:The Evangelist is In
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I think some of you are missing the point. Dave's title is "Writing for the web". I don't think he is saying that all apps should be "served" and everyone should have a thin client. But for writing for the web or even most of your word processing apps in general could be net apps. I think it would be a good idea financially. Just think of an enterprise who's employees that write as a primary job function, could have a very scaled down, cheap laptop type thin client. On this thin client they would do most of thier work, cutting costs in many areas. I think it is a great concept and will be an evolutionary process that might open up other areas of computing that we aren't even thinking about. Coll stuff Dave!

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