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Re: Mark Wilcox's recommendation: generate and select

Author:Paul Everitt
Posted:9/10/1999; 1:00:06 PM
Topic:rss channels via email
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Regarding some of the positions you are representing... (I guess from the chats you are having with Dave, guess I need to follow the geneology of these ideas more closely, sorry Dave!)

I reminds me of the old Harvest architecture. Harvest had a gatherer process, whose job was to run close to the content, digest it, and extract metadata. Then a broker would point at multiple gatherers, indexing the content and perhaps adding some editorial value.

I really liked the architecture, for a number of reasons. It never caught on enough for the idea of a value-adding broker to go very far, but I see the momentum Dave is generating for RSS as a progression of these ideas. More importantly, he's actively describe a platform vision for rich, dispersed syndication that has the smell of success behind it.

It seems like this discussion is saying: don't make the protocol add all the value. Leave room for people to jump in and do their thing. Don't like my meta-taxonomy? Use Dave's. Think I have too much fluff in my channels? Check out how Jon has filtered content.

We are working hard at putting a rich, smart, managed object between the content and the channel. Who knows what we'll do with it, but it may provide a useful platform for experimenting with alternative models.

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