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"more like this" clouds

Author:Jon Udell
Posted:9/10/1999; 12:15:37 PM
Topic:rss channels via email
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That's neat. The cluster of 100 is just the leaves that a fulltext-search says contain a keyword, is that it?

This kind of mechanism is always a useful adjunct to other navigation/search schemes.

I especially like, in this regard, the "more like this" function of Excite (also Texis, Verity, and others) where the cloud is built from document signatures that incorporate multiple features deemed relevant with each indexed document.

I wonder if you could run a bunch of docs already mapped to Dewey categories through this kind of indexer, and then match a freshly-submitted doc to one of these collective signatures, thereby assigning a Dewey category?

Are you maybe already doing something like that? How, for example, did my channel end up in 005 - Computer programming, programs, data?

Jon Udell <>

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