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RSS Tools for less-then-advanced people?

Author:Jeremy Bowers
Posted:9/10/1999; 1:42:01 PM
Topic:RSS Tools for less-then-advanced people?
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Here's The Full Story.

I've recently come into webmastership of the local student ACM web machine. Frankly, the web page has never been that importent to us, and I'd sort of like to change that. It seems to me that an interesting approach would be to create an RSS channel for our ACM events, announcements, and other things of potential interest.

Now, while I haven't done anything with RSS myself, an examination of the spec shows that I can create them by hand, if necessary. However, I'd also like to get other interested groups on campus going with creating an RSS feed, that we could host on our page, and vice versa, as appropriate. The Linux group leaps to mind as one that would probably be interested, and I'm sure there are others.

My question is, are there any tools to create RSS files for people who are computer-competent, but not necessarily well-versed in web areas?

You see, my long-term, wishful thinking goal is to get a large portion of the University functioning like this in a year or two. I think we could make by far the best University web page in existance if we could create enough RSS feeds flying around to create personalized University portals, with people being able to receive news of interest from the huge selection of student groups, classes, heck, the list goes on and on!

Either way, long term or short term, if I want people who, most likely, have never heard of RSS to buy into it, it's got to be easy for them to create, maintain, and use the files themselves.

So, are there already tools to do this, or shall I add this to my list of things to do? This probably won't happen until the end of the year, so there's yet time for a solution to come out before I dive in.

Alternatively, am I trying to force RSS to do something it shouldn't?

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