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Re: Help Request Answered: NY Times Article on WebLogs

Author:Dave Polaschek
Posted:9/10/1999; 3:08:58 PM
Topic:Help Request Answered: NY Times Article on WebLogs
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I'm amazed to watch people I consider smart give up in exasperation after what seems to me to be a short amount of time/effort to find something on the net.

I've discovered that my persistence on searches has gotten shorter over time. Part of the problem is I know that the search engines have less than half the internet indexed (at best), so if I don't get a hit after trying a couple engines, I figure the page I'm looking for just hasn't been spidered yet.

Another thing is that while Sherlock on MacOS lets you search multiple engines, it's kind of a pig (even on a 450MHz G3, and I hear Sherlock 2 is even worse. UGH! I shouldn't need a supercomputer to run a search engine, but then again....), and if you turn on all the default search engines, you get a few "the server's not responding" errors unless you're searching at 3am.

There's just too much "out there" out there. The only thing helping is that my list of bookmarks and links in my Frontier DB keep growing, and I've gotten in the habit of marking more things as my patience with search engines goes down. If they can't keep up, I sure can't, but I can at least keep track of where I've been.

Now if Netscape didn't blow out its history every time I quit...

Maybe I should write a script to export the history to a file when the application quits. Bet that'd be useful.

Oh well, I've started rambling. Happy weekend, all.


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