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Posted:9/11/1999; 12:51:05 PM
Topic:Marc Andreesen
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I think it's important to separate the person from the myth. Marc Andreessen, like you or me, is a person.

Very true. But you can't look at Andreesen the person (who I am sure is an affable person) since this isn't who the press looks at. The press looks at Andreesen the net-mogul. The companies performance is based on Andreesen the net-mogul. And history will look at Andreesen the net-mogul. In terms of anything other than your personal relationship with him Andreesen as a person is not important. .

Netscape blew it, I've said that over and over. But to give that to Marc is unfair.

Why? Was he not the head of the company? Was he not in a position of authority and influence? I'm certainly not saying for a second that Netscape's abject failure was all his fault but he was at the helm and he takes some of the "credit" for what the company did or didn't do.

Perhaps it more difficult for you because you lack the critical distance from the situation. You know the man personally. Maybe you even have some inside knowledge about the process. But that doesn't change the basics of the situation.

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