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Tuva or Bust + Feyman

Author:Micah Alpern
Posted:9/11/1999; 9:39:40 PM
Topic:Tuvan Throat Singing -- Genghis Blues
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For those who didn't know, the Feynman which Dave Brown is referring to is Richard Feynman, the famous eccentric physics who worked on the atomic bomb, quantum theory, the Challenger investigation, and wrote the hilarious auto-biography "Surely your Joking Mr. Feyman : Adventures of a Curious Character ". Feyman is known as an incredible renaissance man who believed that science (and explanations in general) should be clear, straight forward, and as simple as reasonably possible).

Feyman knew of Tuva because he had collected stamps as a child and has seem the interesting diamond shaped stamps of a small country called Tannu Tuva . Feyman and his Friend Ralph Leighton decided, in the early 80's (during the height of the cold war), that they wanted to visit Tannu Tuva because it's capital city, KYZYL was spelled so crazily.

The subsequent book, "Tuva or Bust" describes the adventures of these intrepid travelers as they try to get permission to travel to this obscure portion of central Asia. Along they way they learn of Tuva's rich history and culture including throat singing. It's defiantly a fun book, and those interested in learning more about Tuva, Feyman, or reading a great (and true) adventure story should check it out.


Also check out the Friends of Tuva website (also linked from the Scientific American article)
and Richard Feyman Online

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