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xml-rpc levels

Author:Andrew Wooldridge
Posted:9/12/1999; 9:28:12 AM
Topic:xml-rpc levels
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Just a random thought but in terms of expanding on xml-rpc would it not be better to have "levels" of support? Meaning this - take the DOM example at w3c. There is a "core" dom, then higher levels which have specialization for various things like html. Some tools just want to support the "core" since perhaps they dont want all the html cruft, but still want to support the standard dom.

Perhaps in thinking about expanding on xml-rpc, you could use the same idea. Have a "core" xml-rpc, with "levels" - each level building on the previous ones. This way you preseve the simplicity of xml-rpc via the "core" but allow for expansion via "levels". Just a thought.

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