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OT: Why I need two CPUs :)

Author:Tobias Hofmann
Posted:9/12/1999; 9:50:37 AM
Topic:OT: Why I need two CPUs :)
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Following the release of "More" for the mac, I found that switching machines (being paid to work on an NT workstation) just doesn,t cut it.

Please take a look at

to see why I am rather glad to have a dual-CPU machine :)

What happens is the following:

Running is an NT WS 40 with Real Player (hey, it's Sunday), a Macintosh Emulator called "BasiliskII" with an Ethertalk connection to our server, a VMware virtual machine just starting up a Win98 installation [all network stuff _is_ working!] allowing me to test software install programs without reinstalling a whole machine everytime it is wrecked again (just copy a backup file of the installation and voila!, brand new installation. I love it and will buy it...) and some other stuff...

just to let you know this can be done, and sometimes even serves a serious purpose... :)



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