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Re: Jon Udell on Linux databases...

Author:Ken Kennedy
Posted:9/13/1999; 1:42:36 PM
Topic:Today's scriptingNews Outline
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I agree (in my opinion, anyway..*grin*) About the spiritual brother, that is. There are articles/essays/whatever that I've read by each of you that I could even imagine the other writing, at least in a high-level sense. He tends to speak more Perl, you speak more Frontier; but that's all details. Conceptually, you're right on.

BYW, I REALLLY like SOAP. Just finished a first-pass on the spec...I like it! A lot! "Great job!" to everyone involved. You know, an idea to put this in front of a lot of Linux types would be to announce it at BIG website of Linux apps, web protocol announcements, etc. It'd really be a good way to get a lot of Linux eyeballs on it. They have a contribution form, etc. Or I'd be happy to do it for you guys...just need to make sure I use all the right buzzwords, etc. *grin* Up to you, Dave.

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