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Today's scriptingNews Outline

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:9/13/1999; 4:51:31 AM
Topic:Today's scriptingNews Outline
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DaveNet: An end to the Uber-Operating System.

XML-RPC.COM: Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP).

A personal apology to UserLand customers who received a confusing renewal notice yesterday.

The US Army is indeed running WebSTAR/Mac, as is

A plug for My.UserLand.Com. The new version that allows channel exclusion makes it a billion percent more valuable. Now I really feel like I have my own personal news agent. It could still be improved, I have some ideas, but this version works pretty well! Highly recommended for news junkies like me.

Microsoft: "SOAP provides an open, extensible way for applications to communicate using XML-based messages over the Web, regardless of what operating system, object model or language particular applications may use. SOAP facilitates universal communication by defining a simple, extensible message format in standard XML and thereby providing a way to send that XML message over HTTP. Microsoft is soliciting industry feedback on version 0.9 of the SOAP specification."

Microsoft SOAP white paper, in Word format.

SOAP also is an acronym for The Society For Obstetric Anesthesia & Perinatology.

Martin Haeberli: "You may remember that SOAP stood for (in the late 1950's) 'Symbolic Optimizing Assembler Program' - for the IBM 650 (whose main memory was a spinning drum!)."

Mozilla.Org: The Gecko Bugathon. "Help save Gecko engineers from imminent doom!"

Eric Soroos' theory on why it's so quiet on the DG.

Jon Udell on Linux databases. "Don't let ideology get in the way of business. Open source makes sense when it makes business sense, otherwise not."

WSJ: Microsoft to unveil software that moves away from the PC.

News.Com: Microsoft eyes e-Commerce tools.

Tim Lundeen requests a NULL data type for XML-RPC.

Jeff Cheney: "Mac Publishing LLC, publisher of MacWEEK, Macworld, MacCentral and MacBuy, is looking for an energetic Frontier developer to help us build and maintain our fast-growing content management system." This is a highly visible job. We need a great Frontier developer at Mac Publishing to work with us on their content system.

News.Com: What's next for Andreessen?

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