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Re: Novel uses for Frontier

Author:DJ Feldmeyer
Posted:9/13/1999; 6:39:52 PM
Topic:Novel uses for Frontier
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I use Frontier to automate our internal bulletin board, on ccMail. I started with the Frontier glue that came with ccMail 2.x for Mac, and later did a manual import of the 6.x glue.

I run a fileloop on a network directory for new Acrobat or Quark files. The Quark files are converted to Acrobat first. The Acrobat files are posted to the bulletin board with subject lines based on the subdirectory in which the file appeared. (I had a system previously for looking up the original Word docs used to make the Acrobat files and parsing out the title and author's name, but the authors have drifted too far from the original style and I haven't kept up.)

I built a MacBird card to trace items as they pass through the various stages of the system. I'm now replacing that with a web-based front-end, so I can stuff the server under my desk and turn the monitor off.

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