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Re: Novel uses for Frontier

Author:Donald W. Larson
Posted:9/13/1999; 8:51:51 PM
Topic:Novel uses for Frontier
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Interesting. It reminds me of a small effort I worked at about five years ago. This was at a time when Frontier (Aretha) was free.

I used Frontier, working with Mac resources holding keywords. Another step used Frontier to attach those resources automatically to documents containing those keywords dpending on folder names as part of the storage process. A final step was to use a script to watch a folder of those documents for changes, then upload the files (including the attached resources) into a database after parsing the keywords for later database manipulation or file retrieval.

I never implemented the solution because the project changed hands and I took on different responsibilities. The company continued to do document storage manually without any of the benefits of my workflow processing techniques.

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