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Re: Novel uses for Frontier

Author:Ben Griffiths
Posted:9/14/1999; 4:21:24 AM
Topic:Novel uses for Frontier
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We use Frontier to manage the archiving of media assets (quark files, scans, text, eps, etc.) on to back-up CDs at a small to medium repro company. A simple MacBird interface allows anyone in the office to produce a standard label for a CD, choosing among several templates, print the label, and store the file information in a centrally-hosted Filemaker database. I reckon we've saved 1000s of man-hours using this system - it was written in an afternoon two years ago and has been used daily since.

We also use Frontier to extract text from thousands of quark files to be stored in a database for future publishing (into Quark templates through Frontier). We're looking to replace this system with Quark DMS, or even avenue.quark but from what I've seen so far, these systems have a long way to go before they approach the power we've levered from Frontier.

PS. the novel use of Frontier is web-publishing!!

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