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Re: Kudos on SOAP

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:9/15/1999; 6:49:06 AM
Topic:Kudos on SOAP
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Saying SOAP doesn't scale doesn't make a whole load of sense to me anyway. It is a specification and it's scalability will only proportional to the language and platform it happens to be implemented on, no?

No it doesn't make any sense. In fact the guy was showing me his own project and asking me to talk to a CGI interface to an XML database. I asked him what about the XML we were using was so inferior to the XML he was using. No answer. I could understand if he felt we should use schema or namespaces or "Where's your DTD?" but how could one XML format scale better than another?

I hate IETF culture almost as much any culture of arrogance I've seen in my career, and I've seen a lot of arrogance. This isn't an isolated incident by the way, when XML-RPC first came out the elders of IETF ran a white paper saying that we were jerks and they'd never let it thru. I pointed to it, but it hurt.

As they say the Net that they invented so many years ago is really good at routing around outages. We're learning what they did, are they learning from what we we did? Which strategy works? Embrace and extend or head-bury in sand?

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