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Re: Kudos on SOAP

Author:Steven Livingstone
Posted:9/15/1999; 7:09:05 AM
Topic:Kudos on SOAP
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>...elders of IETF ran a white paper saying that we were jerks and >they'd never let it thru. I pointed to it, but it hurt.

Bet your looking forward to going back to these people in a couple of years...

I remember being laughed at beacuse I was very into the web over here a good few years ago and tried to get businesses buying into web sites in 93/94 - but they said "it won't work". And this also came from lecturers at the University I was at.

I pretty much rest my case.

For a couple of years now I have predicted that by 2003 it will be common place for the smallest local grocers shop to order his stock via his TV and have it arrive in the morning (remember we are a bit behind you lot in the US!).

From some of the discussions on the xml-dev group, people are now starting to voice some strong opinions on these controlling orgs - about time really.


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