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Spellchecker for Frontier WP-texts?

Author:Dave Polaschek
Posted:9/15/1999; 9:35:07 AM
Topic:Spellchecker for Frontier WP-texts?
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I was just writing up another essay in the WP in Frontier, and stumbled onto a word I continually misspell. I found myself switching into my email package (Claris Emailer), typing a one-word message, spell-checking it, and then putting the correct spelling into the Frontier WP window.

Seems to me there ought to be a better way.

Does anyone know of a package either internal to Frontier or external to it that can spell-check documents? Ideally, I'd double-click an installer and magically have a new item in the WP menu that said "Spell-check", but I'm willing to wire it up by hand if that needs to happen.

For that matter, I'd be willing to write an installer and any glue that needs to be written if there's an external spell-checker that would work well with Frontier.

Any ideas?


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