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Re: New Third Voice version out

Author:Jonathan Hendry
Posted:9/15/1999; 7:47:26 PM
Topic:New Third Voice version out
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"Someone directs a request for your content through their server, where they add material to it that you may or may not approve of, without asking your permission. They then return this *modified* material to the requester."

Is this really what happens? This seems like it would work with either Netscape or IE, thus not requiring a local proxy for Netscape.

Perhaps what happens is:

a) User fetches a page, which is intercepted by the plug in or proxy.

b) A plug-in or local proxy server submits the fetched URL to ThirdVoice, which returns *just* the associated comment data. The TV user's machine simply asks 'what are the comments for this URL?'.

c) The plug-in or local proxy concatenates the original HTML with the ThirdVoice data.

d) The web browser receives the concatenated HTML, and displays it.

In this scenario, ThirdVoice would *not* be modifying the web page. The modification would happen entirely on the user's machine.

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