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Author:Dave Winer
Posted:9/16/1999; 8:51:42 AM
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These are the issues that corporations need to come to terms with very quickly. Already, big companies are finding that a significant portion of their employees are using services like Hotmail to do company business, because they're so easy to use. They can block most of this type of use with a large investment in software and staff to manage the firewall, but not all of it.

These are not new problems. The Internet tends to break down walls between companies and the rest of the world. It's cultural and technological. It's what the Cluetrain Manifesto is all about. It's inevitable, embrace it, as they say, resistence is futile.

We do the same thing here. If engineers working inside big companies have trouble getting ideas sold inside, we let them come here to sell their ideas. Eventually this leads to broader support from outside than inside. I think this was a key part of SOAP. The people we worked with inside Microsoft were the renegades, the ones that thought about the larger picture.

The Internet is a work environment. We want better tools for working together. How could a firewall catch that kind of traffic? Read every message and make sure someone isn't working with someone outside the company? Hmmmm. The cat's out of the bag. (Where did that expression come from??)

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